Mousse au Chocolate-Mint-Tart



I made this tart for my father-in-law’s birthday. My “German papa” adores the mint chocolate of After Eight. It gave me such great joy, the word “yummy” printed with a large exclamation mark on his face after his first bite into this mousse au chocolate-mint-tart. 🙂



Is there another better way to express your love to your beloved ones than cooking or baking them something special with your love? What makes you happier than seeing their sunny smiles while tasting your little pieces of art?

This is why I love cooking (and baking)! 😀






For the dough:

250g flour (type 405)
100g icing sugar
120g cold butter
1 egg

For the mousse:

200g dark chocolate in good quality (finely chopped)
100g dark chocolate with mint (finely chopped)
600g cream
4 egg yolks
Cocoa powder and two mint-chocolate sticks for garnishing

Preparation of the dough: See the basic recipe of the tart pastry for peach ice tea tart.

Preparation of mint mousse au chocolate:

  1. Boil 150g cream in a saucepan and add chopped chocolate. Cook until it is resolved. Set aside for chilling.
  2. Stir the egg yolks until frothy. Stir into the chocolate cream, mix well.
  3. Whip the remaining 450g cream until stiff and carefully fold into the chocolate-cream-egg mixture.
  4. Spread the mousse on the chilled tart pastry. Cover and cool in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. Before serving, sprinkle the tart with cocoa powder and garnish with two mint chocolate sticks and mint leaves.

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