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Cantucci: Italian almond biscuits

© Qin Xie-Krieger

© Qin Xie-Krieger

Homemade cantucci tastes fantastic! The first time for me to try the homemade ones was in the beautiful Tuscany. The Tuscans love to eat Cantucci as a small dessert after a delicious dinner. These crispy almond biscuits are served along with the wonderful wine “vin santo”. You take a piece of this biscuit and dip it in the sweet wine. Gorgeous!

Do you know this great dessert wine from Tuscany? Vin Santo tastes divinely sweet and is therefore irresistible for every sweet tooth. I, who speaks no Italian, have been told that vin santo literally means “holy wine”. So, could there be a more appropriate name for this divine tasting wine? 😉

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