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Creamy Polenta with fried tofu, Mehijiki and peanuts

© Qin Xie-Krieger

© Qin Xie-Krieger

During my last journey to Japan this seaweed vegetable, Mehijiki, appeared almost everywhere in the restaurants, be it in a metropolis like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, or in small villages in the Takayama mountain area. At that time I did not know how it was named and what it was, until my Singaporean friend Lee Yuen brought me a packet of the dried Mehijiki a few weeks ago. I decided to make myself a little bit clever and googled for this little and funny looking vegetable. Many thanks to dear Lee Yuen, if you are reading this post now. 🙂 Continue reading

Crispy Tofu with Tapenade on Toast

© tastewithoutborders.com

© tastewithoutborders.com

As I promised last week, today I am posting an “East meets West” recipe with the wonderfully aromatic homemade tapenade. The spicy flavor of the tapenade totally reminds me of the black bean paste from my hometown, Sichuan.

This paste is made from fermented soy beans and has a very intense soy sauce-like flavor. By fermenting the beans it gets a pitch black color, hence the name. In Sichuan, the black bean paste is often used to flavor meat and gravy, for its spicy flavor gives the dish a special touch. Continue reading

Pesto Prawns with Bean Paste on Prawn Crackers

Bean Paste on Prawn Crackers (1 of 1)-2

In our small town we have a tiny farmer market every Wednesday and Saturday. It is really very small. There is only one fruit and veg stall, one for fish, one for cheese and one for poultry and eggs. I love to buy local products from farmers directly because these are far fresher than products you get from the supermarket. Especially the fruit and veg. Normally these are just gathered right before the farmer leave for the market. You can even see the dewdrops on them!

Another reason for me to go to the farmer market is that I can get a feeling for what is growing in the season. If you only buy stuff at a supermarket, you will totally loose this feeling. All those imported products from everywhere all over the world! It is too sad that we are totally not aware of the seasonal products any more because we can get anything any time. Continue reading